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Demand & Supply Planning

Our client, was experiencing significant turnover within their supply and demand planning team. This was causing significant disruptions to their global supply chain and resulted in inconsistent communication of supply and demand forecasts.

Our client had a short term need for demand and supply planning. Our statement of work included the following activities:

  1. Analyze monthly demand to generate monthly sales forecast for all customers across all SKU’s.

  2. In preparation for monthly Consensus forecast meeting:

    1. Generated baseline forecast accounting for; seasonality, inventory control policy (safety stock), sales backorders, warehouse allocation (inbound) as well as monthly sales promotions.

    2. Initiate sales and operation planning cycle through the communication of Baseline forecast.

    3. Initiate and prepare monthly purchase order preparation worksheet.

  3. Maintain network supply availability through weekly allocations and bi-monthly DC to DC transfers.

  4. Manage large customer accounts; through weekly supply reporting as well as bi-monthly customer meetings.

  5. Provide ad hoc inventory support for multiple departments as well as support sales promotions through the identification and reporting of inventory overstock opportunities.

Major Outcomes & Achievements:

  • Sales Forecast & Purchase Order Preparation

  • Product Transfer & Warehouse Allocation Plan (aligned to projected demand)

  • Production Sales Inventory Report (PSI) & Monthly Inventory Report

  • Inbound Reconciliation & Forecast Breakdown

  • Monthly Hold Order & Container Priority Report

  • Standardized the Monthly & Weekly Reporting

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