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Measurement & Automation

Accurate measurement is the core of any marketing strategy. We develop powerful measurement tools that lead us down the path of informed discovery and decision making.

Measurement Services

Media Mix Modeling (MMM)

We use multivariate analysis to provide modeling, scenario planning and revenue forecasting. This can be done at both the account and at the cohort level. These sophisticated models bridge the gap between last-click attribution and onboarding a customized (often very expensive) multi-touch attribution platform.

Channel Expansion & Attribution

We develop digital testing frameworks which integrate Channel Platform performance and conversions with sessions and traffic data so that you can determine the role each new channel plays in the customer decision journey. Our dashboards allow for integration of multiple sources, so you can stream all ad metrics into a single, easy-to-interpret view.

Audience Analytics

We use our proprietary methodology to analyze the “why” of creative performance. We uncover specific customer & audience insights, for example what demographic converted on specific creative, or at what point in a customer journey was there leakage. Those types of learnings then inform our highly-targeted re-targeting process.

Marketing Automation

The New Normal for Digital Marketing

Marketing automation is a planned digital marketing tactic used to automate tasks that you perform daily to attain your marketing goals.  The power of marketing automation is the ability to nurture your sales funnel and drive better results by streamlining all the marketing and sales efforts seamlessly.

Choose our automated marketing operations services and start achieving your strategic business and marketing goals!

With our marketing automation experts, you get end-to-end execution of marketing campaigns.  Integrated marketing automation will save your organization time and keep you updated on insights that.

Drive Insights and Use them for Fuel your Growth

Driving data driven insights is another aspect of modern digital marketing strategy. We will develop automation tools that will analyze your marketing campaigns’ performance, suggest insights and combine with human intelligence to yield the best results.

360-degree view of your consumer

We can setup integrated touchpoints across your digital marketing channels. We will develop a data collection plan for your consumer’s that tracts their interactions on different platforms like email, your website, your apps, social media, and more. We will then use this data to help your team to develop higher converting customer journeys.

Segmenting your Customers for Better Targeting

We will develop data driven customer personas. These personas represent, customers with different tastes, preferences, and arrival journeys. This is a crucial step to grow your business, as it allows you to personalize your marketing messages based on qualification. interest and need.

Automated Messages and Workflows

With automated messaging flows you can nurture your consumers according to Workflows. These workflows are templates made from scratch and customized according to your business needs.


Marketing operations has many repetitive tasks like reminders, follow-ups, reporting, drafting emails, etc. These are all critical, but distract you from doing the work that drives impact your bottom line. With marketing automation, your organization can rid itself of lower value add tasks and focus on the work that drives sales.

Active Campaign Consultant

Salesforce Pardot

Email Marketing

Keap / Infusionsoft Agency

Lead Nurturing and Inbound Marketing

Hubspot Marketing

Marketo Automation

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Klaviyo Email Marketing


Our proven methodologies  are tested, vetted and continuously improved

Detailed Audit Of The Business

First, we develop a detailed understanding of your existing ESO setup. We identify the existing and on-going activities & identify the touch points that will help drive account success.

Design & Content

leveraging our in-house designers & copy writers, we developed persona based content strategy. This strategy was tied into our two-way customer scoring model. Prior to the implementation of persona driven marketing plan - all of our client's customers were getting the same content. Using data analysis and our in-house market research we were able to segment the client's database and develop Nurture campaigns with High Value Content geared toward their persona qualification and level of interest.

Post Implementation Monitoring & Optimization

After we completed the flow setup, list segmentation and template development; we implemented A/B testing and with the goal of optimizing the open rate and click-through rate on HVC for our different personas. We also implemented weekly and monthly account reviews to ensure KPI's and campaign performance continued to track to plan.

Strategy Creation

Next, leveraging our clients business expertise and our digital marketing expertise we developed an account specific strategy


We went to work implementing and building error free flows and setups within our client's ESP account. Without good execution, all of the strategy and tactics will be for not

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