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Logistics Systems and Transportation Management System (TMS) Assessment and Implementation Assistance services are provided for organizations that are interested in understanding how advanced technology can improve transportation performance. Typically, the service includes a transportation technology assessment, based on a structured methodology that compares current technology capability with transportation requirements, resulting in an analysis of critical gaps and recommendations.

In the selection phase, along with the technology assessment, we provide guidance on best practice transportation planning, execution, and settlement processes. Process change decisions up front set up a path for success when the new technology is implemented. During selection, we also manage the process; developing demonstration scripts based on business requirements, providing a scoring matrix, counseling on the final selection, and price benchmarking.

In Transportation Management Systems Implementation we can provide support where needed:
• During the design phase, we provide guidance on carrier management, transportation lane strategy, and workflows from a strategic perspective with a view toward global deployment. Our guidance assists in driving the configuration of the technology that does not have to be revisited when expanding to other business units in the enterprise. Where lane strategy is changing, we can also assist with carrier procurement.
• During testing and go live, we aid with test plan creation, test plan execution, training, and go-live support.

our logistics technology and systems experts

Meet our logistics experts.

Darren Adams

Practice Lead



Darren is a really great email marketer! He was able to successfully migrate our ESP from mailerLite to activeCampaign,  his team built complex email flows, sent targeted campaigns and more!


The team at AB is very professional and very thorough. They helped me tremendously.  The team provided a clear plan and they delivered results for our organization. We will be using them again!


The AB team assisted us with remaining agile with our cost structure yet laser-focused on accomplishing key objectives and development targets. AB's team is fast and reliable in conveying the plan and over delivering on the objective.

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